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Inserting the results of a stored procedure into a table

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There’s an extremely useful feature in T-SQL that let’s you insert a rowset from a stored procedure or function directly into a table or (from SQL Server 2005 onwards) a table variable.

Where this comes in really handy is that it allows you to manipulate the output of a stored procedure outside the context of that stored procedure, basically allowing better code reuse.

This feature is not undocumented and is hardly a state secret but whilst I can always remember that it exists, I can’t always remember how to use it, hence this post …


INSERT #myTemporaryTable EXEC myStoredProcedure

INSERT myTable EXEC myStoredProcedure

INSERT @myTableVariable EXEC myStoredProcedure

There is one caveat however: the structure of the table must match the output of the stored procedure, so if the stored procedure is updated, this can break unrelated code …

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May 6, 2011 at 14:44

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