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If programming languages were actors

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Am probably about to start a religious war here, but what the heck … I was thinking today of how you could characterize different programming languages by well-known actors and here’s what I’ve come up with:


JavaScript: Owen Wilson, cool, hip, laid-back, anything goes attitude but not entirely sure I am happy to rely on it – possibly a bit flaky

C#: Jason Statham: a man’s man, will slap you if you step out of line and demands respect but a good one to have on your side and definitely cool and up-and-coming

Java: Bruce Willis: older but still has it if a little slow and creaky looking nowadays

C++: Clint Eastwood: the original man’s man, still got it, tough, terse and a bit scary but definitely looking old now

C: John Wayne: no-one’s quicker on the draw but definitely one for devotees and your Granddad

Ruby: Johnny Depp: Funky, good-looking and definitely got something but also definitely out there with some rather odd stuff thrown in the mix …

Written by andrewlocatelliwoodcock

September 5, 2011 at 19:23

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