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Debugging PHP: Setting up XDebug with XAMPP on Mac OSX

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Have been introduced to PHP recently when I was asked to take over a site developed for some friends by a third party. It is basically a customized WordPress site and the original developer had done a good job on it. I installed PHPStorm (I’m a big JetBrains fan), XAMPP (an easy to install Apache, PHP, mySQL setup) and then spent a number of very frustrating hours trying to get things working. Pretty permalinks was one issue I encountered (see my earlier post) and once that was resolved I needed to get debugging working. Now, I admit that I am very much a PHP noob but surely it shouldn’t be this fiddly to simply debug a website? ASP.Net / MVC just work out of the box for example …

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Written by andrewlocatelliwoodcock

January 3, 2012 at 19:58

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WordPress permalinks not working: some tips on resolving

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Well I was bashing my head off this one for a while! In the hopes of saving others some heartache, I’m going to put my problem and the resolution up here …

The basic issue was that I had inherited a very nice WordPress-based site and needed to set it up locally in order to debug some issues. I brought the website locally to my dev box via FTP, setup XAMPP, brought down and restored the database (tip: remember to change the siteurl and home values in wp_options to the local URL of your website … ) and modified the Apache’s httpd.conf file to recognize the file path where I had setup my local website. So far, so good. I ran the website and saw the lovely home page but as soon as I clicked any link on the page, I was booted back to the local XAMPP homepage.

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Written by andrewlocatelliwoodcock

December 22, 2011 at 18:42

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